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"An Age-Old Question"

Some say a feeling others an emotion

So much mystery, so much devotion.

In a moment you know or maybe you don't

But how to explain that the ball in your throat?

Maybe it's appreciation.

Maybe it's desire.

How can we deny a heart on fire?

He may say "faithfulness" and she "sacrifice."

But somehow we know nothing less will suffice.

"Nonsense!" some say - just fleeting activities of the mind.

Yet it is this activity we seek to keep when we find.

Maybe a true distinction between it and infatuation.

Either way we continually lack articulation.

In a seconds condition one may say to know,

For eyes do not lie; they only show.

A provocation beyond both body and soul

And in its midst we understand the human role.

See, you don't find it, rather it finds you

And in that time you see you must do.

We may look far

We may look beyond

but when it find us

We are its pawn.

It hides around,

Elusive to both day and night.

But for it we must continually fight.

So what is this force?

How to define love?

Maybe one

Maybe none

Or all of the the above.

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