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"Cupids Arrow"

Such love have many avowed as mythical.

But I know cupid and the piercing arrow that was shot

Into my hear and mind

On wild and dirty streets.

She it that arrow...

That has halted life's trivial contest and raised my eyes

Past grey clouds to the warm light of the sun.

Sun-drenched warmth itself that perspires from her skin into mine,

A lamp that shines upon every inch of my fleshly robe.

See, she is that arrow...

The dance of her hair which delights

In finding its into my lips and tickling the edge of my nose.

The splendor forcing my fingers to run through

Like that sand that caresses my body on private shores.

The waves coming and going with the rising and falling of my chest

And the wind which moves in tandem

She envelopes me in silent safely below life cliff's edge.

Friend, please understand--she is that arrow.

Eyes that reveal.

Portals into the wholesomeness of her soul

That rest attune to every moments gesture,

That render my blues helpless in her gaze,

Beautifully stuck in here visions maze

She is that arrow--one an the same...

That causes my life to burn

Long before her feet knew such sensation

My chambers went aflame by her spark

My hearts arson set ablaze and pierced

Now flowing anew my bones marrow

Hers is the sting of cupids arrow.

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