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"Human Oh Human"

Far too often I have beheld what is wrong with you, oh human.

Insoluble creature dissolutioned by your own shadow.

Trembling anxious you ask "Who does my shadow represent?"

"Who does my shadow reveal?"

You repress your own emotive aptitude,

Rendering thyself calloused and cold.

Feeble child, you roam in herds jostling about like nervous brutes.

You abbreviate you own humanity,

And for what?

You're reduced to naught,

Thy creativity squashed by your own imitative insanity.

This mimetic failure.

Far too often I have seen into the heart of you, oh human.

It palpitates with potential,

Potential to become more,

More than what it has hitherto been:

Ripe with inconceivable ingenuity,

A storehouse of distinctiveness.

But you still hinder its function:

To give you life.

Yes, you haven't even begun to live,

You nebulizer of dust.

Since when have you tasted the saccharine air

Billowing from mountains of inspiration

And flowing in endless valleys of passion?

Where is the authentic human?

When you peel back thine fabricated layers,

Perhaps you will find the authenticity of being.

Perhaps, oh human, you will show what in you is right.

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