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"Journey Back to Journey Forward"

Ones passion comes from a refusal.

A refusal to be uninspired.

Uninspiration results in meaninglessness.

Tired eyes and weary minds for masses of meaninglessness.

A decrepit pantheon of uninspiration.

And such a state is unavoidable.

It is woven into the fabric of being.

The glories of life are recognized not.

You become desensitized.

Inspiration flees you,

And your passion dies.

How do you resurrect a passion diseased?

Journey back through the recesses of the mind,

Back to the state of inspiration.

A reversal of the passing time,

Back to what made you feel fully alive,

When the color of the sky made you pause,

When the subtle touch of the breeze brought smile to your face.

Reach back to that which arose you in the morning.

Seek new experience,

For new experience brings to life dormant inspiration,

And breeds new inspiration, new passion.

Surround yourselves with people of passion.

Passion is a contagion.

Seek to be a person worthy of inspiration,

Worthy to be embraced by passion.

You seek to inspire the world?

You must seek to inspire yourself first,

For passion is inspiration realized,

Passion understood.

Seek to be a people of inspiration.

Cease not until you find it.

Journey back to journey forward.

Refuse inspiration?

Refuse passion.

Refuse passion?

Refuse life.

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