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"Like Rain"

From her mouth a spell drips like rain,

Forming an ocean before her feet,

An ocean into which I have fallen

And now wade.

Lost in her sea of sensuality,

My feet cannot touch the bottom,

For their is none.

Her love is boundless,

Reaching depths of Impossible means.

I try to submerge--dive deeper

But my lungs hold only so much.

What if they were to be devoid?

Forget to rise for air?

My power of breath enveloped into her power of depth.

Breathless in her waters I remain.

My body directed aimlessly

By here soft and gentle waves

Towards white eternal shores

Where she brings me to life with the touch of her lips.

The sound of her laughter.

The caress of her skin.

I stand with weak knees breathing anew

Upon the warm sands of her new horizon.

Guided by the truth of her spirit

Into the glories of her mind.

The magnitude of her heart

That beats along with mine.

Displaced from trivial truths,

Her jungles call to me

That I might walk upon their trials.

Feet bare she leads me on

Into the love of her night

And the light of her dawn.

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