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"Our Undertaking"

My ambitions have risen to meet the quest of time.

A diluted spirit forcibly left behind.

You think you have contrived me to accept what you say is impossible to do?

All while my soul ridicules your failure to venture for what you once knew.

Such a curse you who are defeatist.

Approval of the impossiblity of change.

Such thoughts I've refused to be missed.

They seek me thought I'm out of range.

Avow the unattainable ability to amend.

To veil the accountability of self.

You must see it's on you we depend.

Now realize the true meaning of wealth.

Blessed be the furry that wells inside.

Persistent cessation of my ability to fail.

You, I mourn, for it seems you have died.

Against all odds I choose to prevail.

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