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I've met my desire in material form.

I found her an emotion inescapable.

In the flesh I've touch my emotion.

She is my desire explainable.

An incarnation of the depth of my longing.

Awaken upon the eastern horizon.

Thy shining serenity for my fatigued quest.

Beating within my innermost chambers.

Traveling through the alleyways of my veins

She pulsates: life-force extraordinary.

Thy rekindler of my hearts flame.

White light magician of passion.

With her I breath anew.

Inhaling the depth of splendor divine

Submission to my own demand.

This high I cannot define.

Mediator of heaven.

Life in the palm of her hand.

Destiny and truth her footstool.

Grace and beauty thy garments.

Her love guides me to freedoms destination.

Her adoration propels me into inspiration.

Some questions unanswerable.

Yet some answers unquestionable.

Words I know insufficient.

Though silence too will not do.

This answerable question and unquestionable answer

That is my love for you.

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