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"The Demonic"

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

More treacherous than spiritual beings,

Set eternally on reaping destruction.

Far worse:

Emergent systematic embezzlers of life,

Charged by ruthless illusions of oppressive omnipotence.

One and all beware.

Life-destroying slavery,

Bent on negativity and meaninglessness.

Harvester of despondency,

Yielding crops of desolation.

The annihilation of freedom.

The eradication of inspiration.

Running rampant, confiscating human life

Away from truth.

Establishing blockades,

Halting the creative momentum of all becoming.

Systems of disparity roaming to devour,

Motivated by deceptive falsification of reality,

Promoting diseases of fear,


And tragic figments of immutability.

Exorcism now.

One and all beware.

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