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"To Each His Own"

Welcome to my world.

Where my minds eye never ceases trying to see,

Where time in my mind in valued over time out of my mind,

Where my mind escapes never to return.

Welcome to my world.

Where desire is an ongoing process of fulfillment,

Where inspiration is the my greatest hobby,

Where hope transports me to freedoms destination.

Welcome to my world.

Where the ships of thought sail at sea, never returning to shore.

Where cognitive contentment never existed.

Where in solitude true company can be found.

Welcome to my world.

Where I am given no control, only direction.

Where the council of experience is never taken for granted,

Where death is the beginning of victory.

Welcome to my world.

Where practice is the life principle,

Where compassion is a discipline

And where each and every moment is extraordinary.

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my life.

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