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Nature in Process

Organic Proposals in Philosophy, Society, and Religion

 Edited by Andrew M. Davis, Maria-Teresa Teixeira and Wm. Andrew Schwartz


Process Century Press

The shift to organic modes of thought undergirding Whitehead’s “philosophy of organism” continues to blossom fresh possibilities for rethinking the world of nature, the place of human beings, and our current ecological precarity. This shift is being felt across disciplines, from philosophy to economics, society, and religion, as scholars are making new connections, challenging older contentions, and working together to realize an ecological civilization. The contributions to this volume exemplify the interdisciplinary nature of this quest. Written by scholars from around the world, these proposals reconceive our understanding of philosophy, society and religion in an organic universe.

“This international collection of essays brings together leading process thinkers to reflect on the role of society, religion, and the Western philosophical tradition to demonstrate the promise of relational thinking for today. 

-John Becker, Lyon College

"Brilliantly framed by the editors, these essays collectively exemplify an integrative way of thinking about human and more-than-human worlds that is urgently needed if we are to achieve an ecological civilization. A timely work for this Anthropocene moment!”

-Austin RobertsCollege of the Redwoods


Process Cosmology

New Integrations in Science and Philosophy

 Edited by Andrew M. Davis, Maria-Teresa Teixeira and Wm. Andrew Schwartz


Palgrave Perspectives on Process Philosophy

This book newly articulates the international and interdisciplinary reach of Whitehead’s organic process cosmology for a variety of topics across science and philosophy, and in dialogue with a variety of historical and contemporary voices. Integrating Whitehead’s thought with the insights of Bergson, James, Pierce, Merleau-Ponty, Descola, Fuchs, Hofmann, Grof and many others, contributors from around the world reveal the relevance of process philosophy to physics, cosmology, astrobiology, ecology, metaphysics, aesthetics, psychedelics, and religion. A global collection, this book expresses multivocal possibilities for the development of process cosmology after Whitehead.

Andrew M. Davis

Jeroen B. J. van Dijk

Attila Grandpierre

Otávio S. R. D. Maciel

Maria-Teresa Teixeira

Wm. Andrew Schwartz

John Pickering

Rodrigo Petronio

Luís Morais

"A vast array of contributions awaits an eager reader who wants to be inspired by this grand meditation of with and beyond Whitehead's visionary anticipations."

-Roland Faber, Claremont School of Theology

Glen Veitch

Philip Rose

John Becker

Friedrich Sieben

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Pedro Nuno Pereira Lopes

Miloš Ševčík

Lenny Gibson

John Buchanan


"Intuitively process philosophy should have much to say about recent developments in the sciences. The contributors to this important collection explain why the intuition is correct. Process cosmology belongs with the turn to process in the sciences: providing context, explanation, speculative assessment and metaphysical expansion." 

-James Williams, Deakin University, Australia

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Mind, Value, and Cosmos

On the Relational Nature of Ultimacy

by Andrew M. Davis

*Nominated for the International Society of Science and Religion 2022 Book Prize*

"An outstanding and important defense of an original Process-influenced metaphysics which positively advances philosophical thinking in this area in a very creative way. This book deserves a wide readership." -Keith Ward, Fellow of the British Academy

Mind, Value, and Cosmos: On the Relational Nature of Ultimacy is an investigation into the nature of ultimacy and explanation, particularly as it relates to the status of, and relationship among Mind, Value, and the Cosmos. It draws its stimulus from longstanding “axianoetic” convictions as to the ultimate status of Mind and Value in the western tradition of philosophical theology, and chiefly from the influential modern proposals of A.N. Whitehead, Keith Ward, and John Leslie. What emerges is a relational theory of ultimacy wherein Mind and Value, Possibility and Actuality, God and the World are revealed as “ultimate” only in virtue of their relationality. The ultimacy of relationality—what Whitehead calls “mutual immanence”—uniquely illuminates enduring mysteries surrounding: any and all existence, necessary divine existence, the nature of the possible, and the world as actual. As such, it casts fresh light upon the whence and why of God, the World, and their ultimate presuppositions.

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Depths As Yet Unspoken

Whiteheadian Excursions in Mysticism, Multiplicity, and Divinity

Roland Faber 

Edited by Andrew M. Davis

"Roland Faber's powerful new book Depths As Yet Unspoken brilliantly illuminates the long neglected mystical dimension of A. N. Whitehead's process philosophy...a major contribution to Whiteheadian scholarship." -Steve Odin, Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawaii

Whitehead's thought continues to attract attention in mathematics and metaphysics, but few have recognized with Roland Faber, the deeply mystical dimensions of his philosophy. "If you like to phrase it so," Whitehead states, "philosophy is mystical. For mysticism is direct insight into depths as yet unspoken." Where, however, do these unspoken depths speak in Whitehead, and what are their associated themes in his philosophy? For the first time, Depths As Yet Unspoken gathers together Faber's most compelling writings on Whitehead's mutually immanent themes of mysticism, multiplicity, and divinity. In dialogue with a diversity of voices, from process philosophers and theologians, to mystical and poststructuralist thinkers, Faber creatively articulates Whitehead's "theopoetic" process cosmogony in its relevance to metaphysics, cosmology, everyday experience, religious pluralism, and interreligious violence, spirituality, and longstanding concerns of the theological tradition, including creation, the Trinity, revelation, religious experience, and divine mystery. Although Whitehead's mystical inclinations may not be obvious at first, they in fact constitute the apophatic backdrop to his entire philosophical corpus. Through Faber's work, Whitehead's philosophy is revealed to be nothing short of a remarkable endeavor to speak to the unfathomable depth of things.

Propositions Pic.jpg

Propositions in the Making

Experiments In a Whiteheadian Laboratory

Edited by Roland Faber, Michael Halewood, and Andrew M. Davis, Propositions in the Making articulates the newest reaches of Whiteheadian propositions for a postmodern world. It does so by activating interdisciplinary lures of feeling, living, and co-creating the world anew. Rather than a “logical assertion,” Whitehead described a proposition as a “lure for feeling” for a collectivity to come. It cannot be reduced to the verbal content of logical justifications, but rather the feeling content of aesthetic valuations. In creatively expressing these propositions in wide relevance to existential, ethical, educational, theological, aesthetic, technological, and societal concerns, the contributors to this volume enact nothing short of “a Whiteheadian Laboratory.”

"In essays that dance Whitehead into a fresh adventure in thinking, Propositions in the Making performs what it proposes. It lures each reader to become a Whiteheadian proposition, which is itself a lure to feeling...In troubled times, such contagious creativity in discourse may prove itself not just an intellectual luxury for Whiteheadian nerds but a planetary path to a future worth realizing." -Catherine Keller, Drew University

How I Found God In Everyone and Everywhere

An Anthology of Spiritual Memoirs

Personal, never-before-published journeys and discoveries by 12 leading spiritual writers and teachers

"By the time I reached the second chapter of this unique book, I had started recommending it to others. By the time I reached the last chapter, I felt its deep impact on my own life. -Brian D. McLaren, author of The Great Spiritual Migration

Much can be gained from trailing the spiritual narratives of those who have traveled ahead of us, for the God they have found, we may never have considered. How I Found God in Everyone and Everywhere captures for a general audience the spiritual shift away from popular notions of a God "up there" and "out there" and toward immanent and inclusive understandings of a God in our very midst. It's built around the fascinating personal journeys of a close-knit group of prominent contributors, leaders including Deepak Chopra, Richard Rohr, Rupert Sheldrake, Matthew Fox, Cynthia Bourgeault, Ilia Delio, Keith Ward and others.

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