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Mind, Value, and Cosmos

On the Relational Nature of Ultimacy

by Andrew M. Davis

"An outstanding and important defense of an original Process-influenced metaphysics which positively advances philosophical thinking in this area in a very creative way. This book deserves a wide readership."


-Keith Ward, Fellow of the British Academy

Mind, Value, and Cosmos: On the Relational Nature of Ultimacy is an investigation into the nature of ultimacy and explanation, particularly as it relates to the status of, and relationship among Mind, Value, and the Cosmos. It draws its stimulus from longstanding “axianoetic” convictions as to the ultimate status of Mind and Value in the western tradition of philosophical theology, and chiefly from the influential modern proposals of A.N. Whitehead, Keith Ward, and John Leslie. What emerges is a relational theory of ultimacy wherein Mind and Value, Possibility and Actuality, God and the World are revealed as “ultimate” only in virtue of their relationality. The ultimacy of relationality—what Whitehead calls “mutual immanence”—uniquely illuminates enduring mysteries surrounding: any and all existence, necessary divine existence, the nature of the possible, and the world as actual. As such, it casts fresh light upon the whence and why of God, the World, and their ultimate presuppositions.

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Depths As Yet Unspoken

Whiteheadian Excursions in Mysticism, Multiplicity, and Divinity

Roland Faber 

Edited by Andrew M. Davis

"Roland Faber's powerful new book Depths As Yet Unspoken brilliantly illuminates the long neglected mystical dimension of A. N. Whitehead's process philosophy...a major contribution to Whiteheadian scholarship."

-Steve Odin, Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawaii

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Propositions in the Making

Experiments In a Whiteheadian Laboratory

Edited by Roland Faber, Michael Halewood, and Andrew M. Davis, Propositions in the Making articulates the newest reaches of Whiteheadian propositions for a postmodern world. It does so by activating interdisciplinary lures of feeling, living, and co-creating the world anew. Rather than a “logical assertion,” Whitehead described a proposition as a “lure for feeling” for a collectivity to come. It cannot be reduced to the verbal content of logical justifications, but rather the feeling content of aesthetic valuations. In creatively expressing these propositions in wide relevance to existential, ethical, educational, theological, aesthetic, technological, and societal concerns, the contributors to this volume enact nothing short of “a Whiteheadian Laboratory.”

"In essays that dance Whitehead into a fresh adventure in thinking, Propositions in the Making performs what it proposes. It lures each reader to become a Whiteheadian proposition, which is itself a lure to feeling...In troubled times, such contagious creativity in discourse may prove itself not just an intellectual luxury for Whiteheadian nerds but a planetary path to a future worth realizing."


-Catherine Keller, Drew University

How I Found God In Everyone and Everywhere

An Anthology of Spiritual Memoirs

Personal, never-before-published journeys and discoveries by 12 leading spiritual writers and teachers

"Davis and Clayton are ontological trail guides. They have gathered the stories of an impressive array of theological and spiritual leaders who discovered a living and credible God after the God of old had died for them." 

-Frank Rogers Jr., Claremont School of Theology