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Whitehead and Teilhard Conference Square.png

Co-organized with the Center for Christogenesis, the Center for Process Studies recently concluded its long-awaited Whitehead and Teilhard conference at Villanova University. The conference was well attended, both in person and online, and gathered over a dozen Whitehead and Teilhard scholars to discuss the ways in which these pioneering pillars of process thought converge, diverge, and also might be integrated when facing a variety of contemporary philosophical, theological, and existential issues.

In many ways the conference was historic. The last time a discussion of this kind took place was in 2002 in Claremont, but it was a much smaller affair. The conference tackled a host of issues in the context of Whitehead and Teilhard's thought, from the nature of religion, evolution, and mind, to eschatology, extraterrestrial life, and ecology. Contributors included Donald Wayne Viney, Ilia Delio, John Becker, Steve McIntosh, Paolo Gamberini, Godehard Brüntrup, Matt Segall, Elain Padilla, Catherine Keller, John F. Haught, Robert Nicastro, Sheri D. Kling, Daniel A. Dombrowski, and Kathleen Duffy.

Each of these scholars brought something unique to the conference and jokes flew as to Whiteheadians becoming more Teilhardan and Teilhardians becoming more Whiteheadian. The conference was professionally recorded and video presentations will soon be uploaded to the Center for Process Studies Youtube channel. Stay tuned for the first (ever) edited volume on Whitehead and Teilhard in the coming year.

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