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The 50th Anniversary Conference of the Center for Process Studies

Andrew M. Davis

Founded in 1973 by John B. Cobb Jr. and David Ray Griffin, the Center for Process Studies recently concluded its three-day “50th Anniversary Conference” featuring 36 presentations and 12 moderated panel discussions across disciplines. Held at the Claremont United Church of Christ (UCC), the event showcased the younger generation of process thinkers whose work is forging the next 50 years of scholarship.

The first day focused upon “Reenchanting Religion: Process Theologies in the 21st Century.” Presentations explored a variety of topics including reimagined process conceptualities of God, religious experience and belonging, panpsychism and religious naturalism, and religious pluralism.

The second day focused upon “Science and Philosophy: Nature and the Nature of Reality.” Presentations engaged diverse scientific and metaphysical topics ranging from facts, values, and possibilities to new materialism and poststructuralism, and from brains, souls and the self, to art, beauty and creativity.

The third day focused upon “Process in Practice: Society, Sustainability and Ecological Civilization.” Presentations explored a spectrum of topics from economies and communities for the common good, to politics, power and peace, and from process philosophies of education to environmental ethics and ecological civilization.

The conference was recorded and live streamed through the Claremont UCC, and all recordings will be uploaded in time to the Center for Process Studies YouTube channel.

One thing remained unanimously clear in the aftermath of our 50th Anniversary celebration: the next fifty years is eminently bright. The process movement is strong, and its relations and community are deep and abiding.

The conference concluded appropriately with a standing ovation to John B. Cobb Jr., and a reverential moment of silence for the life and legacy of David Ray Griffin. To both men, thanks and gratitude are due. We have inherited their legacy and face an open future of possibility. Stay tune for the publication of conference papers in the coming year.

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