Andrew has written a variety essays and papers of varying length on a diversity of philosophical, theological and religious topics. To explore and download the titles listed below, please click the icon above.

  • "God, Value and Ontological Gratitude: On the Axiological Foundations of Worship"

  • "Whiteheadian Cosmology Mediating Newton and Plato"

  • "The Emergence of Whitehead's God"

  • "Methodological Trajectories in Process Theology"

  • "Immortalities in Process Perspective: Hartshorne, Suchocki, Griffin, Ford"

  • "Griffin, Loomer and Process Theodicy"

  • "God and Creativity in Whitehead's Philosophy"

  • "Transcendence and Immanence as Basic Comparative Categories in Islam and Hinduism"

  • "Some Pluralistic Resources in the World's Religious Traditions: Judaism, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism"

  • "Hinduism and Buddhism in Basic Comparative Perspective"

  • "Methodological Approaches in Comparative Religion: Cantwell Smith, Ward, Bracken, Thatamanil"

  • "Comparative Resources Approaching Buddhist-Christian Ultimacy: Knitter, Abe, Cobb, Panikkar"

  • "The Integrative Coherence of Divine Mentality in Griffin and Ward"

  • "Platonic 'Forms,' Divine 'Ideas' and the Christian Inheritance of Middle Platonism"

  • "From Dangerous Idea to Gift: The Significance of Evolution for God in Some Modern Theologies"

  • "Some Questions and Themes in the Theology of Creation"

  • "Anatheism and the 'Panentheistic Turn'"

  • "Christian Natural Theology in Cobb and McGrath"

  • "Theodicy: The Problem Evil and Three Modern "Solutions" in Hick, Plantinga and Griffin"

  • "Some Historical Approaches of Atheism: Functionalism, Logical Positivism, Existentialism, Cognitive-Evolutionary"

  • "Religious Pluralism in Hick, Knitter, Heim and Griffin/Cobb"

  • "Non-Reductive Theories of Religion: James, Whitehead, Otto, Eliade"

  • "Arguments for God and Divine Attributes: A Select Survey"

  • "A Few Key Questions in Science and Religion"

  • "Emerging From the Silence: FASPE in Personal Retrospect"

  • "Aliens Not So Alien: Platonic Entities, Divine Realities and Shared Extraterrestrial Values"

  • "Divine Wilder/ness: Nature, Panentheism and Eco-Theological Ethics"

  • "The Divine 'Whence' of Absolute Dependence: Schleiermacher and the Panentheist Tradition"

  • "The Lure of What Could Be: Divine-Human Entanglements in Potentiality, Actuality and Mentality"

  • "Crossing the 'Religious-Mystical Bridge' into God: Panentheism, Pluralism and Inter-Experiential Dialogue"

  • "Evil, Suffering and the Anatheistic Worth of Panentheism"

  • "God Was in Christ: Whitehead and Process Christology"

  • "Ambiguities in Panentheism: Definitions, Distinctions and Demarcations"

  • "A Whirlwind of Theodicies: A Closer Look at Plato, Hick and Swinburne"

  • "Zarathustra: Ideological Innovations of an Iranian Revolutionary"

  • "Transcendent and Immanent Trajectories in Islam and Hinduism"

  • "Hinduism and Buddhism in Comparative Perspective"

  • "To Critique and Rescue: The Aim of Metaphysics and the Question of Auschwitz in Adorno and Whitehead"

  • "The Wall Between Them: 'Misplaced Concreteness' in Israel-Palestine"

  • "Evil, Power and Divine Butterflies"

  • "The State of Nature in Hobbes, Locke & Rousseau"

  • "The Riddle of God and Man"

  • "Nature, History and the Question of Teleology"

  • "God, Power and the Shadow side of Creation ex nihilo"

  • "Losses of Greek Thought in the Meeting of Athens and Jerusalem"

  • "Qur'anic Refinements to Biblical Anthropomorphism: A Comparative Exposition"

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