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I am now nearing the end of my second month here in Salem as program director at the Center for Process Studies. It has been a busy time unpacking, organizing and getting oriented to all things CPS since its move from Claremont. And the apacalyptic fires have thankfully been squelched by rain!


We are now well on our way to setting up our new CPS space which is quite an improvement over what was (for nearly 50 years!) a Platonic-like cave in Claremont. I'm partly kidding of course, but CPS Salem is greatly improved in terms of square footage, offices, a conference room, a library space and even a kitchen area. Not bad!

In terms of professional matters such as conference, programs ect., much is still up in the air given Covid-19 and social distancing. People are suffering Zoom-fatigue and online conferences, while offering certain advantages, are still rather unfortunate in nature.


Nevertheless, In partnership with Wm. Andrew Schwartz and faculty co-directors Philip Clayton and Roland Faber, I have begun plans for a major conference a year or so out (assuming things return to normal) which I will not yet reveal. In the mean time, I am planning some stimulating online conversations in the coming weeks and months which I will announce when the time is right. I've also been juggling several publication projects, both personal and CPS related----------------------->

Upcoming Publications

A few projects are on the horizon and a few in the queue.


1. My recent article with the Toronto Journal of Theology titled "God, Value, and Ontological Gratitude: On the Axiological Foundations of Worship" is now officially out and available on the TJT website or I accepted TJT's invitation to make a provocative promo video which can be found above under the "Media" tab.

2. Final edits have been submitted and approved for the publication of my dissertation, Mind, Value, and Cosmos: On the Relational Nature of Ultimacy with Lexington's Contemporary Whitehead Series. I'm very excited for its release sometime in November and will be creating another promo video outlining the key questions which to me are simply fantastic! Stay tuned here.

Two new publications (co-edited with Wm. Andrew Schwartz and Maria-Teresa Teixeira) are in the queue which originated as papers presented at the recent International Whitehead Conference in the Azores, Portugal (2017):


3. The first is titled Nature in Process: Organic Proposals in Philosophy, Society and Religion and features interdisciplinary contributions exemplifying the shift from mechanistic to organic and ecological modes of thought--something at the heart of Whitehead's "Philosophy of Organism." This book will be published by Process Century Press.

4. The second is a truly fantastic collection of high quality papers I've titled Process Cosmology: Toward a Wider Science and a Deeper Philosophy. The book features  new contributions from physicists, philosophers, and theologians which grant us a new vision of process cosmology. The book includes much attention to Whitehead, but it also includes treatment of other process thinkers like Bergson, James, Pierce and that. I will be approaching Palgrave and their new series titled "Palgrave Perspective in Process Philosophy" in the coming weeks.



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